Floorplan for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Arnold begins to collect information from museums to coordinate locations, pieces available and their dimensions.

Excepts from a letter to Dorothy Seiberling of LIFE Magazine from H.D.M. Grier, Assistant Director of The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
April 6, 1950

“In reply to your telephone call regarding the projected visit of Mr. Newman…I am submitting the following information:
Enclosed is a set of plans of the main floor and top floor of the Institute building.  I have marked the two spaces which would seem most nearly to meet your requirements for photographing the assembled groups of objects.
…The paintings hung in this [Gallery C-5] could easily be moved and the screens could be placed across the gallery…to close off the north portion of the gallery…
I would appreciate your advising us in advance which of these two galleries is best suited for your purposes, so we may make the necessary installation changes.
Our electrician advises me that our electric facilities will meet your requirements of 200 amps and 20,000 watts….
We will arrange to make the services of our staff carpenter available …