Sketch of power grid plan

Upon selecting specific locations, Arnold begins to coordinate his lighting plans with the available power sources and verifying with local electrical companies. 

A letter from the Portland General Electrical Company to Arnold Newman, April 17, 1950

“We suggest that the following information be given both the museum electrical and electric utility serving museum, so that they can make provisions for your electrical equipment.
‘Total electrical requirement is 24 KW, 120/240 V. or 120/208 V., 3-wire, single phase for lighting load. Constant voltage must be maintained within plus or minus 2.5%. Lamps rated at 120 volts. 3-wire cables with alligator clips…10 KW on one 3 x #6, 50 foot cable; 7 KW load on one 3  x #8, 100 foot cable; and 7 KW load on one 3 x #10, 100 foot cable…”